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Funding Last Call Foundation Honoring Firefigher Michael Kennedy.

The study of PFAS in your turnout gear, and now moving forward the study of dermal absorption of PFAS from PPE, is largely granted by Last Call Foundation Honoring FireFighter Michael Kennedy. We desperately need your help to keep this project going. Government is not coming to our rescue. We’re doing this ourselves. You can help. Please donate here Mark your donation ‘for Professor Peaslee’s PFAS project’ please.

Sign The Petition. This petition gives the outline of the scope of the issue. In February of 2019 CDC’s Dr Breysse announced the fire service has PFAS studies under way through NIOSH. This is woefully inadequate. A few sporadic studies across the nation do not make for a comprehensive First Responder PFAS Study. Sign the petition demanding firefighters be admitted to the CDC/ATSDR PFAS Study.